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Jun 17, 2012Online Dating Blog

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pity after seeing him cry. In addition to that, he was giving her too much power over him. I believe it's okay to cry in front of your lover about some other situation while you're together, but not because of a break up if they are angry at you.

"Remember in the beginning when you called me back, I wasn't sure what to do but i decided to give you another chance."

"Yes, I remember that"

"That's all i'm asking is to give us another chance" Obviously using pity first then making her guilty is not authentic love. However, the next thing he did regained her respect even though seconds earlier crying in front of her. Facing fear and hardship, he courageously said, "I really would like us to still see each other, but if you can't i'll understand. I really do care and miss you." ( Telling her he wanted to see her but he'll accept it if she can't, even though he cared about her, was the right move. He was making her feel loved. you don't want them to feel forced in any way to come back -- only out of their own decision, not because you made them feel guilt or pity. Also, you may have noticed he never said anything to hurt her, or directed his anger, even though he was hurting greatly.

Can you recall when a friend or relative ever made you feel guilty to do something? Then you know the feeling. Even if you would have done it anyway, you are now...

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