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Jun 17, 2012Online Dating Blog

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sent her a card or note through the mail and wrote a kind, caring thought of his love for her -- or just left her alone for a few days. She needed time and a little space to heal from her anger and hurt.

A few days passed. Tom came home and heard this on his anwering machine. "This is Barbara, I want you to know i need some space, so i can't see you for awhile. I just need some time alone right now. " She sounded very sad as she spoke.

Tom was hurt and angry and said to himself, 'She must be playing games or something" (Maybe that's what she was thinking he was doing, by his acting neutral while they were seeing each other and not ever telling her he cared about her.) "I know she loves me. How can she be doing this". Tom finally left her alone for a couple of days.

Saturday was his day off, so Tom decided to show up at her workplace. Barbara was about to leave when she noticed Tom and how distaught he looked. "What are you doing here?"

"Can i talk to you for a minute?" She reluctantly agreed. They sat in her car while Tom talked. He looked in her eyes as he told her, "I just wanted you to know i really care about you". Tom looked, very sad and tears started streaming down. Being a little sad was quite alright, but he should have held back the tears and cried in private. She was starting to feel a little caring for him, but started to feel a little...

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