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Jun 17, 2012Online Dating Blog

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supervisor is near me."

Later when Tom got home, he found a letter taped to his front door. It read something like this: "I guess it was a good thing you didn't call me all week because it gave me some time to think about us. I'm going to go out with my friends more and spend more time with my mom and daughter. I'm going to see other guys in the future if i meet someone interesting. I'm just at a point in my life where i want to do more. This really has nothing to do with you because you've been honest with me about how you feel. You only like me and that is all you'll ever feel for me. If you ever want to call me, please do so, but not this weekend because i won't be available. I want you to think about whether you still want to be friendly with me or not. Believe it or not, i really do care about you."

Tom started to think about himself acting disinterested, never saying he cared or loved her. Tom knew he treated her well as far as not ever being mean to her, but he knew she was backing off because she felt he really didn't love her. Instead of remaining calm, as hard as that would be, unfortunately, Tom's needy emotions got the best of him. He realized he really did love her and was panic-stricken he was losing her. His need to be with her engulfed him. He called her that night. No answer. Made two trips to her apartment. Her car was parked outside, but no answer. He left a letter taped to her front door. (It would have been better to have mailed it). His letter declared his love for her. That was the right move, since she wasn't sure and thought...

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