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Jun 17, 2012Online Dating Blog

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"You don't know?"

"I'm sorry, I just don't know how to answer that right now until i've had more time"

Barbara was anxious for him to meet her mother, but he kept putting it off, which hurt her. Tom thought he was sensitive to her, but he really didn't know how hurt she was by some of the things he did, especially not really listening to her. Five months into the relationship Barbara called and said, "My daughter is starting to feel neglected. I think i should spend more time with her." Tom mistakenly took it the wrong way, thinking he was getting rejected.

Tom countered with his own rejection and said with a nuetral attitude, "Well, maybe we shouldn't see each other for a week."

After that phone call. Tom didn't call all week. Barbara loved Tom and was very sensitive. She was still carrying some emotional baggage from the divorce a year-and-a-half earlier ending a 14 year marriage. Her ex-husband hurt her deeply by his womanizing which broke up their marriage.

Tom was at work when suddenly thoughts came into his mind. She hadn't called all week. Panic struck him and he decided to call her at work. "I just wanted to call and see how you were doing."

"I'm doing fine. I can't talk right now. My...

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