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Jun 17, 2012Online Dating Blog

Dating Scam Alert      
Scam Awareness

As in most industries, you may come across some people who make a living scamming innocent people for money.Be suspect of anyone who asks you for money oryour bank account number, especially the old "wire me" or "send me a money order" scam, with sad stories or money needed for car repair, airlines to travel, etc. in order to meet you. Other scams include giving out your bank account number so you can share in millions of dollars. Don't fall for this world wide scam.

Many scam artists make good excuses of why they are in another state or not in the country at this time due to hardship, sick friends or relatives for instance. Some disguise themselves in their profile as living in your area. While giving money to someone in need is a kind thing to do.Do not send money or give out your bank account number to a untrustworthy source or you may be out of some of your hard earned savings. Do not include the following in your profile or URL: Your email address, work address, home address or phone number. Never call a out of the country phone number.

Report user:

Has this person asked you for money without hardly knowing you, did they take awhile to build your trust and an emotional attachment, are their feelings quick to like you, claim their undying admiration or love for you, are they eager to give you their email address or asking for yours? People every day are ripped by confidence men and women whether you meet them in a bar, social media, online singles site or anywhere else for that matter.We delete scam profiles as we find them! If someone asks you for money, please use the "Report user" link you'll find on every profile.


Do not send money orders or give out your bank account number. If someone asks you to send funds via Money gram, Western Union or other wire services is more than likely a scam. Reasons may vary from paying for passports, airline tickets, car repair to meet you or to share in millions of dollars. Beware of situations where they are in another state or not in the country at this time due to hardship, sick friends or relatives and need your financial assistance to meet you.

When meeting your date:
Always meet your date in public with people present and notify friends of who you're meeting and at what place and time. Never meet at a persons home.

Block/Ban Profile:

Click on the users profile, add them to your Banned/Block list on the top of their profile. This will not always prevent them from viewing your profile, but will block them from bothering you with emails on this site. This page was created to remind you that "awareness is the best prevention".

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