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Jun 17, 2012Online Dating Blog

Safety Precautions      

Even though meeting someone your interested in for the first time, can and be fun and exciting. Taking preventative safety measures should be your most important thing to remember. Caution: Not using common sense, being careless when meeting someone, can place you in a dangerous situation which can result in serious injury or be life threatening. Even though using caution and being aware is the best prevention, using the following safety precautions when meeting someone can't guarantee complete safety.

Always meet in a safe place where people are present and never at a persons home. For your own safety: Do not include the following in your profile or URL: Your email address, work address, home address or phone number. It's always a good idea to communicate with at least one friend, relative or associate, the name of the person and where you're planning on meeting. Try to arrive slightly early at your meeting destination, so you don't end up meeting first in the parking lot by accident or by design. You may already be a little nervous meeting and dating someone new, so you don't want be add anxiety and paranoia that may taint your first dating experience. You want to relax the best you can, to enjoy the other persons company, without them detecting fear and anxiety from you. They may believe you just don't like them and feel uncomfortable. Using safety precautions can not only make you safer, but you can have a more positive dating experience.

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